Dream Big

Dream Big

Family Time

Family Time






Trust Building

Setting the Example

Event Promotion

Encouragement of Others

Focusing on Others' Goal Achievement

Use of Systems that Create Duplication

Use of Systems that Transfer Skill and Knowledge





Identifying Prospect  Personalities




Product Promotion

High Yielding Questioning

Presentations Aptitude

Tracking Results

Record Keeping


Selling Aptitude

Follow-up Preparation

Answering Questions

Overcoming Objections

Asking for the Business

Customer Service

Goal Achievement

Investing in Your Business

Relationship Building



Basic Strengths Inventory

Beliefs and Values

Use of People

Success / Failure Orientation


Work Habits

Personal Improvement Plan

Discouragement Threshold


Goal Setting

Product Knowledge

Company Knowledge

Industry Knowledge


Making a List

Planning Skills

Integrity / Honesty


Compensation Plan

Dress and Grooming

All professional athletes have coaches. Even crazy good professional golfers have coaches. Ball players from football to baseball don't show up one day and join a team. They play ball most of their lives coached all along the way. Then when they go pro, they have even more intense specialized coaching to help bring the very best out of them. Professional athletes also have a few more things in common. They practice their craft very hard, they choose a lifestyle that will benefit their sport and many of them make a lot of money. 


What I am bringing to you today is the opportunity to reduce your learning curve by providing top training that includes specific topics, self improvement work and a residual income simulator that trains you how to make the right choices at the right time. I have identified one of the industries most valuable training platforms that can have you on the road to earning six-figures in six-months. While I understand that most of us will not accomplish that goal, I have personally been introduced to the person who did just that and developed this training system. He is my personal trainer and I wouldn't attempt to do this without my own professional coach.

I do not charge for my coaching. Rather, I only work with my personal team. That way, I have a vested interest in your success. If you fail, I fail. If you win, I win. In my opinion, it makes more sense to work with someone who will loose if you loose or, win when you win. We have to learn to work together toward success and build a duplicatible global networking system.


You see, when I was a business consultant, I got paid regardless of the outcome my clients experienced. That is the way most network marketing trainers work. You have to pay them for their system whether or not it works for you. I prefer being invested in your success. It is a great duplicatable method because you too, cannot build Global Income without duplication. I hope you are ready to explore your possibilities. I will explore them with you. 

The coaching you will need covers three well defined areas. First we will focus on the personal skills needed to build a successful networking business. Once your personal improvement score reaches a proficient level you will begin to train in the area of team building. Finally, we will focus on becoming a leader. It is important that you become proficient through each area of training. This will give you the skills necessary to achieve your personal goals, independence and financial freedom. Residual income can provide longterm financial stability.

Coaching in Specific Areas