This word came from outer space. Just a few years ago, it meant nothing. However today, tweeting is used to select the winners of major television singing stars. It is used to communicate by the president of the United States of America. Twitter is one of the most valuable tools you must know how to use to announce the strategic moves you are making. Properly used, Twitter will keep your team abreast of your activity and help identify new global associates.


Reaching possible associates in your city, state, nation and the world is easier than driving to the local shopping mall to find what you are looking for. Brick and mortar shopping is being transformed by the convenience of shopping online and waiting for your items to show up at your home. So is finding possible business associates anywhere in the world. Translation programs have gotten much better and have opened up the opportunities to chat Internationally. 



As you can imagine, there are several other opportunities on the internet to tell your story and attract new associates worldwide. Google, Instagram and Pinterest to mention a few. Keeping watch on what is making progress for you to utilize is of the utmost importance. People communicate worldwide on their smart phones. You need to be ready to respond if you want to build long lasting residual income. 



A few years back it dawned on me that I was not the only Mark Mullaney in the world. So I made the decision to own my name on the world wide web. That's what I did. I purchased my name in both .com and .org. You need to tell your story to a large audience and the best way to do that is on a website like this one. It is about building a global audience. Not everyone is going to be interested, but with billions of people on the internet, you only need a few thousand. 



Several years ago it dawned on me that the internet was here to stay. Also, I was not the only Mark Mullaney in the world. So I decided it would be a good idea to own my name on the world wide web (www). So that is exactly what I did. I bought my name. If you are going to have a platform to tell your story, you must own the site that describes you and your story. Today, I own my own name in .com and .org. More on that later. 


There are many other social media outlets to tell your story on the internet. Plus, new opportunities present themselves all the time. You must remain vigilant identifying the best social media in which to spend your time and money. Cultivating global business with multiple streams of international currencies is only possible when you utilize the right source and the internet properly.

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